Film selects from a trip to northern Iraqi, Kurdistan

in early November, 2016. Documenting the incredible work being done by The Refuge Initiative and Hear The Cry, and spent some time in Bashiqah, at the front lines of the liberation of Mosul from ISIS by Peshmerga soldiers. Visit the links following the photos for more information on the important work being done by these organizations.

A Peshmerga soldier telling us how many ISIS they had just killed. This was moments after this small group of peshmerga soldiers, following a 45 day stint of fighting, had finally cleared the town of bashiqah. The end to what is supposed to be kurdish involvement in the liberation of Mosul from ISIS

The culmination of so much work by The Refuge Initiative was their largest construction project to date, a brand new school. Consistently responding to the needs of these families began with providing basic shelters, and when tents didn't suffice, they built permanent structures. Once those basic needs are met, and the realization sets in that this could be their home, they answered the need for education. This was the kids very first day seeing the school. 



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